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Some are installed in a way that allows them to detect if someone tries to break in through a window by shattering the glass or removing one of the panes. Others may detect motion inside or outside of the home. The third essential part of a home security system is the alarm. There are many different options as far as which type of alarm you can have installed. Some alarms are set to trigger a loud siren in order to deter potential burglars after they attempt to get in to your home. You may also choose to install an alarm that will automatically contact a monitoring service, who will then attempt to contact you to see what the situation is, and can contact the proper authorities if necessary.

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Say I’m at work but I want to check on my kids.

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Pay attention to the existing lighting in the areas where you want to install security cameras.

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These help build a picture of a system's effectiveness and how it affects you.

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