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6:When the power goes out my security system want work anymore. Most security systems come installed with a back up battery. In case of a power outage the battery will take over and you will still be protected There are systems available that are 100% battery operated and do not rely on any other power source. I hope after reading these 6 misunderstandings you have a better understanding of home security and the available systems and that there is no reason not to find the right one for your situation. Social media can be a gold mine of information if one knows where to look. There are a lot of companies that benefit greatly from the word of mouth.

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Liberty Street Financial GroupLifestone Mortgage CorporationLighthouse Mortgage Service Co.

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No more sleepless nights worrying about safety and security for your home or business property.

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99 each and you can order glass break detectors for $34.

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To find which fit the bill, we spent a day outfitting a 1,900 square foot home with the equipment of our finalists.