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I travel for work on a weekly basis and thought having a home security system will allow me to monitor my condo. Every time when I'm away, I always get this communication failure alert triggered by the door or window sensor. The first time I received the text alert, I thought someone break into my condo because the text doesn't say it's a communication failure. Instead it says alarm has been triggered and the security center has been notified. I was waiting for someone to contact me but it never happened. So I logged onto the app and found out it's a communication failure triggered by one of the sensors.

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, depending on Cox market and other fees.

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When your home is empty, the thermostat readjusts to conserve energy.

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Selecting the Security System That Meets Your NeedsDependent upon the size of your business or home you will be capable to resolve which security system is correct for you.

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The city has issued a warning to the company based on the complaints received in accordance with city rules and regulations.